Tuesday, 17 February 2015

"Scar Tissue" - UK DVD review

Director Scott Michell’s horror/thriller “Scar Tissue” comes to UK DVD this month from Sterling pictures, who were nice enough to send over a screener disc for me to look at.
Luke Denham (Danny Horn) is your typical 21 year old, but after waking up from a particularly heavy night of drinking, finds his life plunged into turmoil when he discovers the body of his young flatmate mutilated in the bathroom.
However, the police are surprised to discover DNA at the crime scene from a long dead serial killer, who was gunned down years earlier by an armed response squad. This peaks the interest of detective Samantha Wakefield (Charity Cross – “The Raven”), who’s currently on suspension due to mental health issues, as her younger sister was one of the last victims of this killer, before he was supposedly shot dead.
Luke’s problems are compounded when he starts receiving messages from the killer and he and Sam are forced into a deadly cat and mouse game with him. But as the bodies pile up, and the police uncover more DNA evidence from other supposedly dead serial killers, they realise this is no ordinary psycho.
Also starring Kenneth Colley (Admiral Piett from the original Star Wars trilogy), Shaun Dingwall (Dr Who) and character actress Imogen Bain ("Phantom of the Opera" – 2004), in what was sadly to be her last feature film before her death. The film was an interesting concept, but does get a little bit muddled in the middle and you really need to pay attention to understand the twist ending. But is otherwise quite enjoyable.
Its not quite “Silence of the Lambs” or “Saw”, but does make the best of what was obviously a low budget production, and has a strong supporting cast (Dr Who fans will recognise Shaun Dingwall, who played Billy Pipers dad in the show).
Extras wise, the DVD comes with the theatrical trailer and a making-of documentary, which is laden with spoilers, so be sure to watch the film first.
The film is out on UK DVD now.
Buy the UK DVD from Amazon.co.uk

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