Monday, 23 February 2015

"Curse of the Witching Tree" - Packshot and stills released

British Indie Horror "Curse of the Witching Tree" is coming to UK DVD May 18th, and to wet some appetites, the producers have just released the DVD artwork and some production stills from the movie.

Full plot synopsis has yet to be released, but the film centres around a curse placed on the farmland of a young woman, who was wrongly executed for witchcraft by the church, so they could steal her land.
The film marks the feature film directorial debut of James Crow, who had previous penned "The Warning" (2012), "Riot" (AKA GBH - 2012) and "He Who Dares" (2014) and stars Sarah Rose Denton (Mob Handed), Jon Campling ("Harry Potter", "Jack the Giant Slayer") and Dean Maskell ("Green Street 3" and forthcoming "No Reasons").
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