Monday, 2 February 2015

Gods and Monsters release Video Nasties - Top Trump card game

Welcome to a new world of Gods and Monsters! Bringing you the very finest in retro, cult and bizarro entertainment across a variety of formats, from records to games and beyond, Gods and Monsters aims to reach a new high in low taste.
As our debut offering, we bring you the first in an on-going collection of Lurid Trumps – card games from your youth, revitalised and sleazified for a new generation.  The debut set is Series One of our Video Nasties collection. Finally, you can answer those nagging questions about which film would win in a fight – Cannibal Holocaust or Don’t Go In The Woods? Love Camp 7 or Blood Rites?
For anyone unfamiliar with the trumps format – each player holds an equal number of cards, and the first chooses a score from one of four categories – Gore Score, Gratuitous Sex, Infamy Level and Nasty Rating. The highest score wins all the top cards, and so it goes. A game of skill and luck, this will keep you battling it out for hours.
The cards each feature the original iconic VHS video sleeve artwork from the notorious banned Video Nasties – 72 films split across the two sets (Series Two is out in the Spring).
Lurid Trumps are printed on glossy, wipe-clean card (so feel free to drool on them!) and come housed in a clear plastic keep case. As well as the 36 cards in each series, they come with an original cover card featuring a notorious anti-nasty campaigner rendered in vivid cartoon form!
Lurid Trumps: Video Nasties Series One is a limited first run edition of just 200, and is sure to be highly sought after by the nasty collector. They are priced at £8.00, plus postage and handling. Pre-orders are available from January 21st on the Gods and Monsters website, and the sets will also be available from selected outlets.
Future Gods and Monsters releases include the recorded works of legendary wrestler Exotic Adrian Street and the lounge stylings of sleazy listening maestro Cy Payne on limited edition, coloured vinyl.

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