Thursday, 2 October 2014

"Zombieland" sequel FINALLY gets the go-ahead!

In case you missed it, it's been widely reported around the web that work has FINALLY begun on a sequel to the 2009 horror hit "Zombieland".
The film, which starred Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin, made over $102 million worldwide upon its release 5 years ago. A fairly respectable sum given its $23.6 million budget, and it was widely assumed that a sequel would duly follow.
But, after several failed starts, numerous script rewrites and questions over whether the original actors would be returning, production stalled. However, it seems that Sony pictures, who released the first film, are now seriously interested in releasing a follow up, and have hired scriptwriter Dave Callum to write the sequel.
Original director Ruben Fleischer will be overseeing the script writing and has also been rumoured to be directing again. However, there is still the question mark over whether any of the original actors will be available, or are even interested, in reprising their roles, as their careers have all gone onto bigger and better things since.
The original "Zombieland" became the highest grossing zombie film in the US upon it's release, surpassing 2004s "Dawn of the Dead" remake. A record that remained unbroken until "World War Z" came out last year. Whether or not "Zombieland 2" will snatch back that crown remains to be seen, but lets just hope that its good and that Woody Harleson and the others can find the time to appear.

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