Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Danny Dyer is "Bloodshot"

Danny Dyer is back and on top form in an unexpected and compelling new role in BLOODSHOT, arriving on DVD and digital platforms from December 26th, 2014, courtesy of Signature Entertainment.
Phillip (Danny Dyer - The Football Factory, Doghouse) stars as a horror and action film worker who falls in love with the mysterious, gorgeous Jane, a model who has just arrived in the UK from America. Philip becomes infatuated with this beautiful stranger, and Jane soon reciprocates his affections, but behind her glamour hides a dark and moving secret. Following a torrid night of passion, Philip is soon drawn into a nightmare more terrifying than any of the horror films he has worked on as Jane’s shocking past threatens to destroy them both.
Written and directed by Raoul Girard, BLOODSHOT is a refreshingly direct, chilling thriller that underlines Dyer has more strings to his bow than the much-loved Eastenders character Mick Carter. Also starring Keith Allen (24 Hour Party People, The Last Showing) and featuring a striking performance from newcomer Zoe Grisedale as Jane, BLOODSHOT is the most surprising thriller you’ll see this year and the perfect Boxing Day antidote to all that familial bonding...
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  1. Looking forward to this, though I am curious why they decided to change the title and poster. It was formerly known as In A Heartbeat and the poster looked like a love story, yet this now focuses on violence.

  2. Guess they figured it would sell better marketed as a horror/dark thriller.

  3. Just watched it and it wasn't all that he has done better

    1. I've posted a review of this elsewhere on the Blog, the film was really more of a mystery/love story about him falling in love with a strange woman. Its not really a horror film at all. Mind you, has Danny Dyer done a decent film lately?