Wednesday, 1 October 2014

"Day of the Mummy" - UK DVD review

Its “Blair Witch” meets “The Mummy” in “Day of the Mummy”, which is released to UK DVD this October from Image.
Set in Egypt, archaeologist Jack Wells (William McNamera – Terror at the Opera, Copycat) joins up with a team of explorers who think they’ve found the location of the fabled King Neferu.
Its said that the king was buried with a priceless jewel known as the Codix Stone and the trips financier, a mysterious man named Carl Rosencane (Danny Glover of Leathal Weapon and Saw fame) wants to get his hands on it.
But it seems the late King Neferu isn’t willing to give up his precious jewel just yet and when a rock slide seals them inside the tomb, the group find themselves stuck inside an endless labyrinth of tunnels with a murderous mummy on the rampage.
Shot almost entirely from the viewpoint of Jack, who has a hidden camera in his glasses, the film is basically a twist on the old Mummy movies from the 40s and 50s. An interesting idea, but sadly the film is a bit on the slow side, having that made-for-TV feel about it. It takes ages for the mummy to make an appearance and when it does, it just kind of looks like a guy wrapped up in bandages and not particularly scary.
That’s not to say the film isn’t worth a watch, and there was a couple of fun twists in the story which occur during the end credits. But the film, for me at least, was just a little too slow.
The disc was bare bones, aside from a few trailers for other Image entertainment titles which play at startup. Aside from that and the option of listening to a Dolby 5.1 mix, there’s nothing else on the disc to mention.
The film is released to UK DVD October 20th
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