Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Reality Kills on UK DVD this March!!!!

Director Jonathan Williams got in touch recently to tell us about his new film "Reality Kills : The Burningmore Incident", which comes to UK DVD this March.
Reality TV turns deadly when a construction team move in to clear an abandoned building, which was the setting of a series of brutal murders years earlier. They are followed around by a TV film crew, who are there to film their work as part of a new reality TV show about home makeovers.
But as it turns out, the building isn't so empty and abandoned as they first thought, and as night falls, the house becomes a brutal killing ground as the workers fall prey to a deranged killer, whilst the crews cameras capture everything.
Filmed in Long Island, New York. The film stars Geoff Tate, the lead singer from Queensryche, who makes his feature film debut in this.
The film is released to UK DVD on March 4th from E-One Entertainment
View the trailer on YouTube.
Pre-order the DVD from Amazon.co.uk

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