Thursday, 17 January 2013

Comedown - A DVD review

Managed to get a sneak peek at the new urban horror “Comedown”, which hits UK video shelves in January from Studio Canal.
The story takes place on a run down housing estate in London, and revolves around young gang member named Lloyd (Jacob Anderson - Adulthood), who’s recently come out of jail and is looking to make a fresh start with his girlfriend Jemma (Sophie Stuckley – The Woman in Black), who’s pregnant with his child.
When one of the local drug dealers asks him and his friends to break into a disused towerblock  and put up an ariel for his pirate radio station on the roof, he’s initially reluctant. But eventually agrees after being promised a substantial amount of cash in return.
But, after setting the radio ariel up, they soon become aware that they’re not alone in the old building when members of the group start vanishing. Initially they suspect one of the rival gangs may have followed them in and are trying to mess with them. But when the dead bodies start piling up, they realise there’s something more sinister going on.
With their numbers dwindling, getting back out of the tower block proves no easy task, as they find stairways blocked off, lift shafts sealed and the exits locked, as they feverishly poke around in the dark looking for another way out, whilst trying to fend of vicious attacks from an unseen assailant.
Directed by Menhaj Huda, who also did Kidulthood, the film has that same sort-of gritty, urban, inner city feel to it. But mixes in elements of the “Saw” films and various slasher movies. In fact it was almost like an Eli Roth version of “Phantom of the Opera”, but set in a tower block.
The film did suffer slightly owing to its low budget, which produced a few shaky CGI effects near the end, but putting that aside, if you like gritty gang films and slasher movies, you should enjoy it.
The film is released to UK DVD and Blu-Ray on the 28th January. Extras on the discs include a “Making-of” feature and interviews with the cast and crew.

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