Monday, 19 August 2013

"Haunted" - A Review!

Director Steven Smith, of Greenway Entertainment, recently got in touch to tell me about his new film “Haunted”, which should be out on DVD later this year, and asked me to take a look at it.
The film is actually about the events that took place on one of those Ghost Hunting reality TV shows (I’m sure we all remember that show with Yvette Fielding and Derek Acorah, well its kind-of like one of those) and primarily revolves around a group of people who have won a competition to join the film crew and take part in one of their paranormal investigations.
The subject of this episode was supposed to be about the various hauntings at an old railway museum, located on a remote former railway line, deep in the Essex countryside. The beginning of the film opens as the show would normally, with the presenter cheerfully informing us about the strange happenings that have taken place over the years, including strange noises of trains shunting about and strange figures that have been seen standing on the platform at night, despite the fact the line hasn’t operated in years.
But as filming for the evening begins, things take a sinister twist and the group soon wish they hadn’t won the chance to join the show, as unlike other programmes of this nature, they will end up catching something on camera and its not something they’re going to like...
It starts as the they glimpse someone lurking in the shadows on the camera’s nightvision lenses, a mysterious ghostly face appears at the window of one the carriages being investigated, frightening the crew half to death. The shows psychic medium has a break down, for real this time, and then the real bad stuff starts to happen…
Whilst the movie was competently shot, the film did seem a bit slow for my liking, and was basically like watching an extended episode of one of those “Most Haunted” type shows. I think the problem was there was not enough going on in the middle of the film. So if you like those sorts of reality shows, you should get a kick out of this one, if not then you might find this a touch slow.
However, be sure to keep watching as the credits roll as there’s some additional footage at the end which sheds more light on what actually happened that evening (har, har).
The film should be out on DVD later this year, more details about this release when they become available.
Greenway Entertainment are in independent production company based in Wickford Essex, which specialises in the production of low budget indie films. Other projects currently in production include “Tales of the Supernatural” starring Bruce payne and “The Jaahkin”. A “Haunting 2” is already in the pre-production phase.
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