Tuesday, 23 September 2014

"Don't Blink" - a review

"Don't Blink" is being released in the US on various platforms this month, and I was given the chance to get a sneak-peak at it (thankyou Zack), so here's my two-penneth... 
A group of young adults, which includes former American Pie actress Mena Suvari (also of the not so epic “Day of the Dead” remake infamy) along with former Beverly Hills 90210 actor Brian Austin Green (who horror fans will remember from “Laid to Rest 2”), head up to a remote mountain retreat for a weekend away with some of their other friends.
Strangely, there’s no one at the front desk to greet them, their friends are nowhere to be seen, despite their cars being parked out front, and there doesn’t appear to be any other guests.
From the looks of the place, it looked like everyone left in a hurry, as the kitchen cooker was left on and there’s half eaten food in the dining area. But as their cars are all still there, where could they have gone to?
The mystery deepens when members of the group themselves start to vanish, quite literally into thin air. And it always seems to happen when you look away just for a second. Unable to leave due to car problems, the dwindling members in the group find themselves having to keep constant watch over each other in the hopes that they can all hold out until help arrives, not daring to even blink through fear that one of them may vanish next.
An interesting concept, which seems to borrow a few ideas from Dr Who (think, Weeping Angels, but without the weeping angels). Overall I quite enjoyed this, but I felt the build up was way too slow. It was like 40 odd minutes into the film before things started to get going and we realise something is very wrong. Up till that point we were forced to sit through the couples bickering and wandering around aimlessly trying to work out where the others have gone.
That being said, this isn’t a bad movie, its just a little on the slow side to begin with. Warehouse 13s Joanne Kelly also stars, along with Zack Ward (Resident Evil : Apocalypse). Was also pleasantly surprised to see Robert Picardo, who played the Holographic Doctor in “Star Trek Voyager” turn up in a minor role as a police detective.
The film is out now on various VOD services in the US and is being shown at selected cinemas across the country.
The film will be released to US DVD October 14th.
No news on when a UK release is forthcoming.

Buy the US DVD from Amazon.com

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